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Enjoy best thai massage and spa in Batam. This is where Siam Odyssey comes in. Founded in early 2021 by Mr. Joni Fu, it is our firm belief that authentic Thai massage can also be found outside of Thailand itself. Staffed with masseuses trained in the art of authentic Thai massage, we aim to provide not just a great massage experience for our customers, but also to provide the most authentic Thai massage experience in the region. This, we believe, will leave a lasting impression on our customers and will surely be an experience that they won’t forget.

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Here at Siam Odyssey, we believe that there is always a form of Thai massage that will fit the needs and taste of our customers. Therefore, we have opted to provide a wide range of treatments for our customers, ranging anywhere from our Thai foot massages to half body massages to ensure that whichever one our customers choose, they will ultimately enjoy their session and will leave with their bodies feeling more relaxed, lighter, and better than it did when they came in. Here is the list of massage services that we offer to our esteemed customers.

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